Many of our customers come to RCT in in search of more than just quality chemicals.

Often, customers are looking for better, full-package solutions to meet the challenges of today’s competitive markets. Since 1992, we have provided flexible supply and sourcing options, and our team strives – each and every day – to provide real value and unmatched expertise that guide our customers toward solutions that enhance performance and quality, reduce costs, and ensure a competitive edge in the markets they serve. Tap into our top-tier talent – and experience the built-in value that keeps our clients as committed to us as we are to them.

Personal Service

Our response network never closes. One of the undeniable advantages of maintaining a more concentrated focus than some of our competitors is a carefully trained staff that can focus on giving our clients one-on-one attention. As experts in our markets, we can share current and future trends with our partners, so that they, in turn, can stay on top of changing and challenging market conditions.

An Uncompromising
Commitment to Quality

Delivering a high-quality product and service is our top priority. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and focus on continually improving the product and service we offer to our customers. Rierden Chemical is NACD-certified, C-TPAT-certified, and working towards our 3rd Party FSMA certification.

Expanding Network,
Expanding Solutions

We believe that the best solutions begin with partnership. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships that allow us to capitalize on opportunities that benefit both our customers and suppliers across a wide array of markets. Our ever-expanding pool of worldwide resources translates into all-around better sourcing, more competitive pricing and more efficient logistics. We often develop customized solutions and work as advocates for innovation by developing joint projects between our suppliers and customers to meet the challenges and demands of today’s markets.